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Manage equipment fleets from any place, any time

SolarTrak's fleet management software keeps you updated on all equipment activity

Manage your Fleet, Boost your Revenue!

Keeping track of a constantly moving fleet of equipment can be like trying to rake leaves in a windstorm. Aside from frustration, there are actual losses to productivity (and income) if the backhoe isn’t at the job site when it’s needed. As your company grows, these inefficiencies can grow as well.

With SolarTrak’s GPS tracker and fleet management software, you can:

  • Manage your fleet remotely through your desktop or mobile device
  • Always know which equipment is in the field at any time
  • Automate your fleet diagnostics with scheduled reports
  • Manage the health of your equipment in a single glance

SolarTrak allows you to stay one step ahead of potential downtime due to lost, mis-scheduled or misplaced equipment. Know location, maintenance status and voltage levels in a single glance.

Learn more about using SolarTrak to manage your equipment wisely by requesting a demo:

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First weekend with your GPS unit, I discovered what you’ve been preaching to me. Customer booked a 1-day rental Friday for a 12k cushion and used the unit both Friday and Saturday. Now with your gizmos we have the proof to charge the extra day rental to him.”

— Tim Jamal | Jamco Inc., Orlando, Florida

The SolarTrak List View screen

The List View enables you to see all your equipment at once, and see in a glance which is due for maintenance, or recently moved, or which trackers have not been assigned to an asset, and more!