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Forward-Facing Dashcam Tracker to Simplify Managing Your Fleet!

Redefine your driver and asset monitoring experience!

Provide the safest experience for your driver and your assets!

SolarTrak’s CT-4100 telematics camera is an affordable, flexible, plug and play solution for smarter fleet management. Integrating directly into Solar Technology, Inc.’s WebSuite ecosystem (SolarTrak, Command Center, and SmartZone), you are able to control and monitor your CT-4100 from practically anywhere.

The CT-4100 video telematics solution also features and AI-powered, cloud based system that provides forward visibility and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) safety alerts to held drivers avoid collisions. The camera also supports a snap-on driver-facing camera that can be added at any time to enable Driver State Monitoring (DSM) features.

Stay up to date with alerts and notifications for!

Standard Monitoring

  • Current position
  • Engine start and stop
  • Movement start and stop
  • Geofence entry and exit
  • Maintenance overdue
  • Excess vehicle speed

Vehicle Behavior Monitoring

  • Tailgating
  • Forward collision warning
  • Lane departure warning

Driver State Monitoring (requires optional driver-facing camera)

  • Distracted driving
  • Driver fatigue

Video/ Camera Monitoring
Live video feed available in SolarTrak account.
Multi-camera view available in SolarTrak account (with driver-facing camera option).



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Accessories include:

Driver-Facing Camera
A modular camera to monitor in-cabin behavior. Optional, sold separately. Required for driver state monitoring

OBD-II Data Cable
This provides power and vehicle speed information to the unit which can improve Forward Collision Warnings.

OBD-II Power Cable
This provides power, but no additional information.

12V Auxiliary (Cigarette Lighter) Power Cable
This provides power, but no additional information.

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