Sell your Retired Equipment for more $$$! Here’s how SolarTrak can help.

Installation of SolarTrak trackers is simple.

Because of the wide variety of equipment that can use SolarTrak, we can only give basic instructions here, and show examples of current installations. For more help installing trackers, download our Complete Installation Guide below.

Tracker Installation Guide for trackers with Internal antenna

Ensure that the unit has clear view of the sky and the label with the serial number is facing down for proper GPS reception.

Download Quick Install Guide for Internal Antenna PDF. Follow the “After Installation” instructions to start using SolarTrak.

Tracker Installation Guide for trackers with External antenna

There are two types of external antenna:  magnetic or screw mount. Using an external antenna, you can mount the tracker sideways, upside down, under cover… only the antenna needs to have access to the sky.

Download Quick Install Guide for External Antenna PDF. Follow the “After Installation” instructions to start using SolarTrak.

InstallGuideCoverComplete Installation Guide

Download this extensive guide, showing actual in-the-field installs on specific rental and construction equipment. You’ll see actual installs for Trackers with both internal and external antennas, and get ideas for the best way to install on your equipment.

Also download this handy Tracker Assignment Worksheet to keep your trackers and equipment organized.


After Installation is Completed: Check your Installation

Make sure the tracker is connected. If you are using SolarTrak – click on the INSTALL button at the top of the page.  Non-SolarTrak users can download our free Check Install App.


SolarTrak Tracker in Truck Battery Box

Tracker mounted in Battery Box

SolarTrak External Antenna on Truck Cab Roof

External Antenna on truck cab

SolarTrak Internal Antenna on Air Compressor

Internal Antenna on air compressor roof

SolarTrak External Antenna on Mini Excavator Roof

On roof of Mini-Excavator

SolarTrak unit installed on Truck Dash

On dash in Construction Truck

Tracker installed on Skid Steer Roof

Tracker on cab roof of Skid Steer

Tracker installed on Roller Hood

Tracker on hood of Roller

SolarTrak External Antenna on Skid Steer roof

External Antenna on Steer

Tracker installed inside Boom Lift Controller

Inside Boom Lift controller box

SolarTrak unit installed in Scissor Lift

Genie Rough Terrain Scissor Lift


Tracker installed on Generator Roof

On roof of Generator

Tracker installed in Scissor Lift

Inside Genie Scissor Lift


TIPS AND HINTS from our Install Crew:

Be creative! Take a moment to consider your options for various wiring paths. You can install the battery connection, then the tracker, and plug them together as the final step.

You can pass wires through pipe openings, vents, door crevices, and other grooves and indents to protect the wiring. Look for existing brackets to install the tracker (or antenna). We’ve mounted a few trackers on the roof brackets for lights on top of equipment.

It may be easier to create a metal plate and attach the tracker to it, rather than to drill through the hood or roof of your equipment. This also applies if your mounting surface is plastic or fiberglass (when mounting magnetic antenna).

Here’s help on choosing between internal and external antenna.

Need advice? Call us at 484-223-4994. We’ve installed SolarTrak trackers on lots of different equipment. We’d love to help.



BT-3000 Tracking for Non-powered equipment