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Origins of SolarTrak GPS Tracking

Solar Technology Inc., the company - and people - behind SolarTrak

We understand cutting-edge technology and we listen to our customers.

The parent company of SolarTrak is Solar Technology, Inc. (yes, that’s why the name ‘solar’), a traffic safety equipment manufacturer in Allentown, PA. SolarTech’s customers include rental houses, traffic safety companies, contractors and other companies with large fleets of construction equipment.

Our customers told us that they had trouble keeping track of their assets, so we had our team of engineers and software developers create this simple, affordable fleet management solution, using the telematics technology we already utilize in our traffic safety equipment… including modems with GPS.

Not only does GPS fleet tracking make our traffic signs easy to find and program, it also makes it easy to manage fleets. These same features – the basis for SolarTrak – proved to be an effective asset tracking tool specifically for non-traffic-related construction contractors and equipment rental houses.

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Solar Technology, Inc.
7620 Cetronia Road
Allentown, PA 18106

To learn more, visit the SolarTech website or contact your SolarTrak rep.

SolarTrak Headquarters

SolarTech is an ISO-9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility, which means we track and monitor our customer service and product quality and act on the data to make improvements.

We apply the same high standards for production and service to SolarTrak as we do for our traffic safety equipment. Please contact us with any concerns, issues, inquiries or questions. We will be glad to help, and grateful for your feedback.