Sell your Retired Equipment for more $$$! Here’s how SolarTrak can help.

SolarTrak Technical Specs

The SolarTrak tracker consists of a circuit board, a processor with a GPS chip, a cellular transceiver, an accelerometer to pick up engine vibrations and back-up batteries. Using your choice of an internal or external antenna, it receives signals from GPS satellites, and calculates its position. SolarTrak trackers are installed on your equipment, then send data through a secure network which you can view online.

ST-5000 with Cables

Width 3″  (7.6 cm)
Length 4.75” (12.1cm)
Height 1.375” (2.54 cm)
Weight 11 oz (312 g)
Construction Rugged poly-carbonate waterproof case
Connections Battery connection with 5/16” ring terminals
Operating Voltage 12/24 Volts CD (nominal)
Internal Batteries Rechargeable Proprietary; 4.8V 500 mAh NiMH
While Moving Every 3 minutes
While Static Every 30 minutes
ANTENNA OPTIONS SolarTrak Standard Tracker External Antenna
Internal Antenna
External – Magnetic
External – Screw Mount (for 3/4″ hole)

Map View Assets with SolarTrak units appear as icons. Choose from Street, Geofence or Satellite views
Model List Lists all your equipment by manufacturer and model number, and your own inventory number
Tracker List Lists SolarTrak devices by serial number, last contact and the equipment assigned to the tracker
List View Shows when maintenance is due, when an asset is moved and if or when power is interrupted
Asset Detail Full data on each asset: includes a summary, plus maps showing each move by location and event, voltage history and engine hours over a user-defined period of time
Geofences User-defined geographic areas to contain and track assets
Notifications Include maintenance due, asset moved, power interruptions. User defined: select from 14 options including Starting and ending a Move, Entering and Leaving a Geofence, GPS Fix lost or regained, Communication lost or recovered.