Sell your Retired Equipment for more $$$! Here’s how SolarTrak can help.

Affordable Pricing Options

SolarTrak is a very affordable fleet management system. We offer two pricing options:

Rent | $9.95 per tracker

  • Offer good on rental of 25 Trackers or more with internal antennas
  • Rent Trackers with external antennas (magnetic or screw-mount) for $1.00 more per month.
  • No upfront costs. No term contracts.  We earn your business every day.
  • Mileage and Fuel Tax option add $2.50 per month
Offer requires automatic payments using credit card or ACH.

$9.95 per tracker
per month
Low cost of ownership
NO cost for hardware
NO term contract – pay as you go
We maintain ownership so product is always under warranty


Buy | $595.00

  • Buy a Tracker with internal antenna including 5 years of service.
  • Offer good on any quantity of trackers.
  • Buy a Tracker with external antenna (includes 5 years service) for $655.00
  • Mileage and Fuel Tax option add $150.00
Monthly service charge of $6.95 per month after 5 years.

Price averages start at $9.92 per tracker per month
No additional costs for 5 years
To continue service after the initial 5 year period, pay only $6.95 per month per tracker.
5 Year Warranty
You can depreciate costs

Both methods include setup, installation instructions and operating manual.
Trackers ship ready-to-go: simply install, then set up your account and login.

Make it happen now. Call SolarTrak Sales at 1-484-223-4994
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