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Vehicle Mileage Tracking

Need to know exactly where your construction or delivery vehicles are? SolarTrak offers Vehicle Mileage Tracking using the same SolarTrak tracker used on your other construction equipment. This feature comes standard with the VT-4000 and as an option on the Standard Tracker.

Benefits of a Vehicle Mileage Tracking license include:

Example of "Replay a Day" routeReplay a Day
See where your vehicle was using an animated route map – click on any point to see date, time, location and vehicle speed.

Automatic Maintenance Alerts
Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to keep your fleet healthy. Get email or text alerts when routine maintenance is due based on mileage.

Speeding Alerts
You set the threshold MPH, then get a text or email alert if vehicle exceeds that threshold, and for how long. Avoid traffic tickets, identify reckless drivers and minimize undue wear and tear on vehicles.

Mileage Reports by State for IFTA Fuel Tax Compliance
Pull a report for the mileage traveled for each state to calculate your IFTA taxes accurately.


A standard feature on the VT-4000, and only $3.00 per tracker per month for the Standard Tracker.

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