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Three Ways Geofences will Make Your Life Easier

April 25, 2017 | Posted in Geofences


Once you’ve installed SolarTrak GPS trackers, you’ll see why the Geofence feature is one of our most popular, due to its flexibility. A geofence is basically a corral that you create around whatever area you choose. It allows you to determine when and under what circumstances you are notified about equipment movements.

If you are supplying equipment to on-going projects, you can create a geofence around your customer’s project. Any equipment moving within the fence won’t trigger an alert, but any moving in or out of the perimeters will.

If you share equipment among branches, you can set up a geofence around each and let the branch managers track equipment, while giving yourself rights to view all the assets and geofences. Individualized and master control!

Don’t forget to create a geofence around your own yard. You’ll want to know when your equipment enters and exits the yard. Also allow your repair crew to access the data so they can find equipment that’s due for maintenance.

You can also use the geofence schedule function – and determine the hours when you are alerted. This allows you to be alerted of movements only after your store closes (or whatever time frame make sense to you).


The point is, after establishing a Geofence you can decide what information is sent, to whom, and when. And that’s a pretty handy way to keep tabs on your fleet.

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