Sell your Retired Equipment for more $$$! Here’s how SolarTrak can help.

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SolarTrak does more than just letting you know exactly where your rental unit is. You can also: Locate your Equipment using GPS Get alerts when your Equipment Moves Control If and How your are Alerted Is it off-road in the middle of a construction site? No problem. SolarTrak’s GPS tracker locates by both street address or […]

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How SolarTrak is like Cattle Ranching

October 11, 2017 | Posted in Geofences

This really isn’t a stretch. If you’re a Fleet Manager, your fleet can easily remind you of a herd of cattle – some obedient and predictable, some prone to wander off and get lost. For you, “lost” equipment means the project downtime, wasted efforts to locate, and ultimately – lost revenue. SolarTrak has a cool […]

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Once you’ve installed SolarTrak GPS trackers, you’ll see why the Geofence feature is one of our most popular, due to its flexibility. A geofence is basically a corral that you create around whatever area you choose. It allows you to determine when and under what circumstances you are notified about equipment movements. HAVE MULTIPLE LONG-TERM CUSTOMERS? If […]

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