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Tech Advice: Things to Consider Before Installation

January 2, 2016 | Posted in Support & Tech Advice

SolarTrak recommends installing Trackers with a clear view of the sky for optimal satellite reception. Mike Wimmer, our SolarTrak Support Team Leader, has seen a few…. well, let’s say LESS than desirable installation sites, and shares them here for you to consider.

  1. Don’t install trackers on moving parts, like the top of a dump truck.
  2. Don’t install trackers on sides or rears of equipment, spots where they are likely to be bumped.
  3. Don’t install trackers on or near doors that are likely to be slammed, thus jarring the trackers.

One more tip from our installation expert: If you have excess cord, wrap if LOOSELY around the tracker itself for best satellite reception. Any questions, any time… feel free to call the SolarTrak Support Team at 1-484-223-4994.


Do NOT install Trackers on moving parts like cab protectors

Tracker will be shaken by the door closing

Rear of the equipment is a likely place for the tracker to be bumped