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Four Ways that SolarTrak can Make your Repair Crew Happy

May 2, 2017 | Posted in Asset Management

When we designed SolarTrak, we talked to Fleet Managers, rental store owners, customers and crews – and included features that would make everyone’s job just a bit easier. For repair crews, we’ve included some items suggested made by the guys themselves.

Here’s how SolarTrak will benefit your Maintenance Department staff:

NOTIFICATIONS – We’re included some important pre-set notifications that you can choose – and customize – when deciding who gets alerts and when: Routine Maintenance Due and Low Battery alerts. Your crew chief can be alerted directly if a battery is below 12 volts.

MAINTENANCE ALERTS – You can opt for whatever makes sense to your operation – oil changes, filters, preventative maintenance checks, ANSI checks, continuous-run alerts – in addition to the pre-set alerts

GOOGLE/BING DIRECTIONS – Now if your equipment is parked in the middle of a field, you can use the GPS co-ordinates or the Google/Bing link to get directions right to the equipment – fast, efficient access.

MAINTENANCE REQUIRED and MAINTENANCE HISTORY REPORTS – Log both repair history and see a report of what maintenance is due in the next week or month, so your crew knows exactly how to schedule their work week. There’s even a NOTES field to include comments about what tools and parts will be needed, and to record special instructions.

Of course, SolarTrak benefits your entire organization by giving you engine-hours reports for billing, by helping you locate equipment quickly, and by alerting you when equipment moves… but the increased info for the maintenance department can help you extend the life of your fleet. And a longer life means more money in your pocket.

Getting an additional year of rentals by preventing breakdowns will pay off! See for yourself why SolarTrak GPS trackers are repair crew favorites: Request a free demo here or by calling 484-223-4994.