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SolarTrak helps Diagnose Malfunctioning Equipment – Twice

July 7, 2017 | Posted in True Customer Stories

Mike Wimmer, our Senior Support Tech, was onsite at a New Jersey customer last week when the customer told this tale:

This customer provides temporary power for projects, mostly generators. A client rented one of their generators for a 10-day festival. At the end of the rental, SolarTrak’s data showed the engine-hours at 200 more than expected. Their mechanic tested the time meter and discovered it was broken… the generator was running, but not counting engine-hours.

This isn’t the first time SolarTrak has helped diagnose a problem. Mike also recalls an incident with another customer using trackers on hi-end lawnmowers. They checked their data and saw that no hours were being recorded, and assumed the tracker wasn’t working. Mike confirmed that the tracker was working normally, checked the machine, and discovered a broken alternator.

SolarTrak’s primary function is to locate, track and manage your fleet… but isn’t it nice to know that – using the data SolarTrak provides – you can catch problems earlier and avoid problems? It’s another way that SolarTrak makes your job easier!