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Covington County, AL adds SolarTrak GPS Fleet Monitoring to County Vehicles and Equipment

May 21, 2018 | Posted in True Customer Stories

This article (by Christopher Smith, published Wednesday, March 28, 2018) in the Andalusia Star-News clearly shows how GPS trackers can benefit small counties and townships such as Covington County in Alabama.

“The Covington County Commission agreed Tuesday to put a GPS Fleet monitoring system in all of the county vehicles.

County Engineer Lynn Ralls said that the system would be very beneficial for the county.

“Usually these types of systems cost upwards to $100 a month per unit,” Ralls said. “The one we are looking at is only $10 a month per unit.”

The commission is looking at purchasing 80 units in total to cover the Emergency Management Agency, the road and bridge department, the sheriff’s department and the Covington Area Transit System.

The software would be able to track the hours spent in a car, the events and how many times it stops and starts.

It also will provide the evidence for a lot of insurance claims.

“For example if someone calls and complains that a dump truck broke their window,” Ralls said. “We can pull up the information and see where that truck was and if it was actually there.”

The commission decided that the department heads of each department would be in charge of the tracking system.

The total amount for 80 units would be $800 a month.”

County Engineer Ralls brings up two important points that apply to all tracker customers: the cost savings, and the fact that data collected on tracked equipment can be used to fight frivolous lawsuits and help retrieve stolen assets.

Smart folks in Covington, Alabama.  Join them. Start with a free demo.  Call 484-223-4994 and see how SolarTrak GPS trackers can make your life easier.