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New AEMP 2.0 Telematics Standard

September 29, 2020 | Posted in Product Updates

AEMP 2.0 – ISO 15143-3:2020 UPDATE

The next generation AEMP 2.0 Telematics Standard/ISO Technical Standard 15143-3:2020 is now available on SolarTrak!

ADMIN users of SolarTrak will access this information from either the asset page (individual asset), or by visiting the Public API page located in the user dropdown menu.

Where to look:

Assset Page Public API Page
SolarTrak Public API information page

On an individual asset’s API page, the user will be able to view a general snapshot of the asset’s current status, or select a specific time range to be reported. The equipment status will be provided in XML format, in compliance with the ISO Standard for AEMP 2.0.

Individual Asset API Subpage
SolarTrak Individual Asset API Subpage

The XML data will provide a snapshot of the following information:

  • Location
  • Cumulative Operating Hours
  • Engine Status (if asset’s model is listed as having an engine)
  • Distance (if asset is flagged as a vehicle)
  • Peak Daily Speed (if asset is flagged as a vehicle)

The XML data can also be imported into your CRM, ERP, or SCMS!

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