Sell your Retired Equipment for more $$$! Here’s how SolarTrak can help.

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Your fleet is the lifeline of your business. You need to know where each piece of equipment is, when it’s operating (and for how long), and if it’s healthy. Want help? Why not let your equipment notify you when it moves, needs maintenance, its battery is low or other circumstances. SolarTrak Fleet Management software will […]

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How SolarTrak is like Cattle Ranching

October 11, 2017 | Posted in Geofences

This really isn’t a stretch. If you’re a Fleet Manager, your fleet can easily remind you of a herd of cattle – some obedient and predictable, some prone to wander off and get lost. For you, “lost” equipment means the project downtime, wasted efforts to locate, and ultimately – lost revenue. SolarTrak has a cool […]

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“Misplaced” equipment costs you money by delaying projects, angering customers and giving you a headache. Here’s the Cure. Has this ever happened to you? The bulldozer you need is not in the yard. Project Manager thinks it’s in the shop. You waste a few hours looking. Actually it’s at the previous customer’s worksite. Solve this […]

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BT-3000 Tracking for Non-powered equipment